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HR Policy

Leave Policy

1.       All employees are entitled for 15 paid (Earned) leaves per annum. Note: Earn Leave 15 per year you can entitle only after the completion of 1(one) year.

2.       The paid leaves are Carry forwarded to the next consecutive years.

3.       All the employees are entitled for 6 casual leaves and

4.       All employees should submit the leave request online (

5.       In addition to the online leave application, all employees should submit a written leave application duly signed by their immediate boss and need to submit it to the HR Department.

6.       Leaves taken without any information/ due permission would be treated as leave without pay/ absent.

7.       Unplanned leave or immediate leave taken by the employee should be informed beforehand to the HR Department.

8.       Stop salary will be instructed for the employee who is absent / taken leave (absconding) for consecutive three days without permission / information

9.       Breach of any leave rule would attract disciplinary action.

10.   During the probation period you are not entitled for leaves and if you take the leave then the salary would be deducted. After the confirmation of your service you can entitle the sick leave and casual leave which is 12 leaves per year. Earn Leave 15 per year you can entitle only after the completion of one year.

Half day Leave

1.       Half Day will be marked if arrival is after 11:00 AM and departure before 4:00 PM

2.       In case of informed half day leave:

3.       For a half day leave, the employee shall not be entitled to a lunch break.

4.       The minimum timings for a half day are: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Compensation Leave

1.       Any employee working on a weekend/ holiday can take a Compensation Leave

2.       Employees working for minimum of 4 hours – Half day compensation leave

3.       Employee working minimum 8 hours- One day Compensation Leave

4.       Compensation Leave has to be taken only after prior permission from the Team Leader/ Manager/ Practice Leads. Failing the same the leave will be treated as non- medical leave